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Austral Clothes Hoists Gallery

Austral Elite 4


Foldaway Liner


Retractable Clothes Liner

  Fold Down Clothes Liner is so easy to use. Just push up to release and it folds with ease.
  Line 33 is available in wall or free standing versions. A massive total of 33 metres of line space yet you can fold them down for special occasion.
  Foldaway for space.  Fold up like an umbrella and can be totally taken off the ground and put away to give space for that special function.  Adjustable height for big wash e.g. curtains or bed sheets.
  Foldown for space saving.
  Excellent for big linen e.g. curtain, bedsheet, blanket or tablecloth..
  Can be install anywhere around your garden for big wash.
  This rotary hoist clothes liner rotate with the wind for fast drying
  Big family wash and easy rotating lines for fast drying ..