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EcoScreen Decorative Lattice Gallery

Mountain blue outdoor pergola


Smooth Cream Lattice Pergola

  Square lattice outdoor room divider
  Smooth Cream Lattice Gate
  Sundeck lattice railing or under basement partition

Terrocota brown lattice hideaway basement divider


Walkway lattice top


Green Lattice Gazebo

  Green House Lattice Partitiion
  Toilet privacy lattice fence
  Extra Outdoor Lattice Room
  White Lattice Arch Main Entrance
  White lattice with Green frame divider
  Side terrace fence-out
  Terrocota brown lattice fence
  Lattice entrance to garden
  White lattice planter box

Brown lattice using as divider screen, nice looking look like wood and versatile for vertually any part of the house.

  Bus stop lattice screen. No maintenance and fear of being stolen if it is metal.
  Lattice fence off for air conditioner compressor and other eye sore areas around the house or balcony.
  Smooth Cream Lattice Pergola - ideal for sit out bbq area for entertainment, good ventilation and no messy clean up after function.
  Off White handyscreen lattice for outdoor pergola entertainment or main entrance areas.  Airy and cosy looking entrance to your house.
  Caulifield green lattice fencing.  No maintenance at all and breeze can still go through, you can still see what's going on outside your house without intruding into your privacy.
  Another version of a lattice bus stop.  Breezy and cooling for passengers to wait comfortably for buses to arrive.
  Green lattice divider for outdoor fence off.
  Open Diamond Smooth Cream Lattice partition for pergola - an added recreation room for kids or sit out area or bbq area for entertainment.
  Rooftop privacy area laced with caulfield green lattice for rooftop entrance and sit out area.
  Lattice gate to fence off pets in sit out and relaxing areas.
  Pergola - Smooth Cream lattice with Beige Brunswick Green Coolaroo Blind which block off 90% uv ray.
  Privacy lattice for pergola with sheer curtain to beautify the pergola further. For entertainment with guests and enjoy the cool breeze outdoor ...
  Fence off the swimming for safety reason, beside beautify the surrounding of the swimming pool ... excellent idea ...
  Such a soft touch to the house with these added feature of lattice fencing instead of the traditional metal or wood fencing. So English looking house now ...
  This is Heritage Brown color lattice used as fencing, looks like wood but it is will not rot like wood nor rust like metal .. maintenance free .. do not even require painting, color will last for a long time to come ..
  For carporch ceiling, block off heat and partial rain water. Beautifully set-up and cosy looking carporch and creepers can be added feature on these lattice ceiling ..
  Caulfield Green Lattice fence, superb color for garden environment and maintenance free ...
  Various usage of lattice, for entrance or side entrance or pergola covering for privacy etc ...
  Beautiful kampong style pergola using our lattice, as fence off or top hang decorative ....
  This is just beautiful .. a private place to enjoy, do your gardening in peace and perhaps have a cup of coffee without passer-by glare ..
  Swimming pool safety fence to prevent kids from falling in and get drown ... can be remove for function when needed ...