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Coolaroo Window Shade Gallery
  Midnight Green Champagne, it is the highest UV Ray protection color
  This is a custom made color blind
  It is easy to install and fully breathable fabric
  Reduces temperature by up to 32% compared to direct sunlight
  The beautiful midnight green champagne coolaroo blinds perfected the outdoor setting
  Easy to clean, just spray some soup water on the blind and simply hose off dirt and dust
  Coolaroo Rol Up Window Shades represent great value buy, for just mere R$225, you can get a blind which will last you for years to come
  They are designed using a selection of classic, timeless colourways so you can rest assured they'll always be in vogue
  This southern sunset blinds can blend to any outdoor colour combination, an earthy colour

Comes in 1 whole piece of special knitted fabric, no threading like bamboo blind, therefore, no wear and tear of blinds.

  Indoor, it is almost lifetime blind, it can act like curtain or hang at the back of normal curtain to block of harmful UV Ray that fade your curtain.
  It also come in plain color e.g. Smoke, Southern Sunset or custom made plain colour like Natural (White) and other including brown
  Heritage Red Blinds blend well with wood structure or pergola.
  Roll down for sun protection in the day and roll up for nite outdoor party entertainment, the flexibility of roll up blind
  Just the right thing for your balcony, block harmful UV Ray and still have the privacy to look out without the glare.