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Coolaroo Shade Sails Gallery
  Umbrella Shape Sail

Residential Shade Sail for Car

  Shade Sail for Link House
  Shade Sail over Swimming Pool

Sunrise Courtyard

  Playground Shade Sail
  Car Park Shading
  Two Interlocking Triangle Shade Sail
  Shade Sail over Pool 2
  Shade Sail over balcony
  Shade Sails in sea-side resort
  Shade Sail at the back of house
  Car Park of Shopping Mall
  Shade sail display canopy in Gale Pacific
  Shade Sail in Garden Centre
  Shade Sail in a residence
  Shade over a pergola
  Link House shade sail
  Shade Sail at pool-side
  Kinder-garden shade sail
  Play-field shade
  Roof-top shading
  Show House Sun Shade
  Sri Cempake International School
  Town house sail
  Shade for cafe sit-out
  This shade sail cover is for a complex in Sandakan. Very hot uv ray from the sea for the traders up the top floor
  Having a balcony but so hot to sit out there. Why not install a Coolaroo Shade Sail to fully utilized the balcony .. a resting coffee area with fantastic view ..
  Sandakan shade sail vertical to shield from the hot glare and heat ..
  Playground equipment super hot to even touch it, let alone sit on them. Coolaroo Shade Sail is your answer to your problems. Now kids can play on those equipment all day long without the hot sun heating up the equipment. Parent will be definitely to ta
  Another beautiful shade sail over your balcony for relaxation .. and have a cup of coffee with your love ones .. or friends ..
  A shade sail over your carporch for your expensive car to shield them from fading, heat that will harden your mirror rubber lining and stay cool inside your car when you drive out ..
  Fantastically looking shade sail for anywhere that need to enhance the good looking garden or just for shading outdoor ...
  Sun shading for swimming pool in a hotel in Sabah .. now the kids can swimming even in the afternoon hottest day ..
  Beautifully design these shade sails overlapping each other to give it a 3 dimensional design besides protecting the shoppers below while they move around the shops..Viva Mall at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur ..